Dienstag, 24. März 2009


I have some photos in here! 

If you live in China you might find it somewhere. 
You can look at it and buy it here: 

Photo: Imke Klee

Photo series  les amoureux du mémoire

Photos and Styling: Imke Klee, assisted by Antonios Mitsopoulos, 
Make-up: Anneta Mitsopoulou, Model: Umut Schramm

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design for mankind. hat gesagt…

oh congrats!!! :)

sj hat gesagt…

You have stunning work. I'm hooked!

cuteseas hat gesagt…


Jen of MadeByGirl hat gesagt…

Nice! :))Congrats...i always like finding myself in a's a neat feeling.

Jen Ramos
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kadler hat gesagt…

That's great! I live in Hong Kong and I'll make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Space Mountain Man hat gesagt…

What is the point?

Anonym hat gesagt…

i like your blog;)

have a nice day:)


Sarah Katherine Gray Art hat gesagt…

The way you capture beauty is magnificent.