I started my blog "A VIEW TO" in April 2008.
The idea of the Blog is to share a view of my work with my favourites in art, design, photography, trends and lifestyle. 

It´s basically a collection of the things I find interesting, beautiful or just inspirational.
I like to tell stories visually.
The way I do it is by combining pictures (my own or those from other people).
Most of the pictures and photos on my blog are my own.
Sometimes I present Artists, Photos or Places who I admire or who inspire me.

Work in process:
I generally work  interdisciplinary. 

My main fields are Photography, Illustration and Collage, Trend Research/Iconographic Research and Design.
I am inspired by everything that surrounds me and everything that catches my eye. Mostly the simple things.
I act on instinct, intuitively. 

My work in process normally begins with a feeling and ends with a concept.