Montag, 23. Februar 2009

Exhibition PARIS

Currently showing in Paris, the exhibition 'Archéologie du futur'
analyses 20 years of contemporary trends as seen through
the watching eyes of Li Edelkoort.

The Institut Néerlandais on Paris’ Left bank is the setting for an exhibition by Li Edelkoort that explores the trends that have shaped our lives over the last 20 years. Opening in the city the day before design fair Maison & Objet gave an opportunity for its key target of design visitors to experience the exhibition for themselves.
Archéologie du futur is the first exhibition devoted to the identification and analysis of the contemporary trends that have the most influence over our way of life – as seen through the prism of Li Edelkoort; the icon of trend forecasting. The aim of the exhibition is to show that trends are not passing fads, but long-term phenomena; each one shaping aspects of our lives, from the food we eat through to the colour of our clothes. A wide range of images and audiovisuals from the Edelkoort archives illustrate the fourteen trends chosen; key movements in lifestyle between the years 1990 to 2010.
These fourteen trends are juxtaposed in seven sections: Body/ Soul, Global/ Local, Flora/ Fauna, Urban/ Rural, Armour/ Amour, Abstraction/ Narration and Nihilism/ Hedonism.
To pick two at random - Abstraction/Narration; as with the rest, these trends are arranged chronologically, with Abstraction timed at 1991 onwards, but Narration five years later, from 1996 onwards. The Global trend from 1989 explain how the seeds of the hippie years of the 60s and 70s have blossomed into a trend for Bohemian luxury – all the riches of the silk route have found their way into our homes, as carpets, chairs, accessories, perfumes and food. Opposing Global is the trend for Local, from 1995 onwards, where increasing globalization in retail has led the consumer to want to become a ‘Sunday artisan’ and create things for him/herself. Regional and seasonal foods flowers and crafts regain their importance.
The exhibition also includes a trend studio installation that demystifies the process that surrounds Edelkoort’s work and explains the sociology behind trend forecasting and shows how powerful colours can be. During the exhibition, Li Edelkoort will present an interactive trend workshop with members of the public, helping to underline just how much trends influence us today.
Li Edelkoort started trend forecasting in Paris as early as 1975, working to create innovative trend forums for influential Paris textile fair Première Vision, as well as creating the Trend Union trend studio and publishing the influential magazines View on Colour and Bloom.

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I'm such a huge fab of li edelkoort....we buy her Trend Union trend books for work, and they are so beautiful. sounds like a great excuse for a weekend in paris
take care, sharon x

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