Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

some beautiful new designs

Skin Collection by Pepe Heykoop

Raft by Norm Architects for andtradition

The Empty Chair by Maarten Baas for Amnesty International

Eureka Pavilion by NEX


Hazel Terry hat gesagt…

beautiful collection of designers

ashirwaad-holiday-apts-goa hat gesagt…

Really amazing.
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Unknown hat gesagt…

I love the Eureka Pavilion.The design is looking incredible and the same time so natural.

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Hena Tayeb hat gesagt…

I love the empty chair. Gorgeous.

Unknown hat gesagt…

The Chair is fantastic!

Unknown hat gesagt…

God time flies! never thank you for my print! I love it, hope you love your bag :-)

I love Norm Architects, we have now their Milk lamp at BODIE and FOU and it's gorgeous!

Unknown hat gesagt…

The design is really amaizing !

Carla hat gesagt…

Wonderful colours.. I adooorreee your blog.. Carla