Montag, 13. September 2010

...chez "merci"

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Sea Angels hat gesagt…

I need recovery time...those shots are gorgeous ..
Hugs Lynn xxxx

IMaiorano hat gesagt…

i follow your blog by 2 years
and I love, very very love

elena nuez hat gesagt…

there are design and great art everywhere

Anonym hat gesagt…

WOW - has just 'trembelled' acros your blog, and I am almost speechless...
Fund out that you are the photographer behind some of the beautiful pictures I ,through time, has adored in magaszines as Bloom, View on colour, etc!
Just want to say I LOVE your style and work! Thumbs up... ;)
Rikke, Denmark

Sobinique hat gesagt…

I'm going to Paris again in 4 weeks! I can't wait!!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Gorgeous shop! One of my favourite in Paris!

I'm doing a new feature on the bllog every sunday where I show the favourite corner/objets in the bedroom of creative's women and I would love to have a few pics of your bedroom or favourite items in the room
Do you think you could email me some pics?
Many thx

annetje surie hat gesagt…

Love your blog!
It's very inspiring
Maybe you want to take a look at this:

best regards,
Annetje Surie